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How to select equipment for large bio organic fertilizer project

Under the promotion of environmental protection initiatives, the bio organic fertilizer industry has developed rapidly. In order to meet the demand of organic fertilizer in the market, it is necessary to use some large-scale organic fertilizer equipment to ensure the output. There are many manufacturers of organic fertilizer equipment. The scale of manufacturers is different, the strength of enterprises is different, the quality and performance are different, the price is different, and the after-sales service is uncertain. Under such circumstances, it is not easy for users to select the equipment suitable for large-scale biofertilizer project.

Let's first understand some basis for selecting large-scale bio organic fertilizer equipment. Before selecting the equipment, you need to determine how much output you want to make, whether you want to make particles or powder, how much water is in the material, how much density and viscosity of the material, etc. according to these, you need to determine the equipment selection and model.

1. Powder fertilizer production line

If the site is small or the output is small, it can be simply produced. The main fertilizer manufacturing process is: fermentation - crushing - mixing - screening - packaging. Compost turner machine is the core treatment equipment. The powder production line with an annual output of 5000 tons is suitable for projects with large processing capacity.
Powder organic fertilizer production line

2. Granular production line

After fermentation, it will be crushed. After grinding, it will be transported to the automatic batching machine through the forklift feeder for proportioning. After mixing, the particles will be dried by the dryer. After the particles come out of the dryer, there will be a certain temperature. The temperature will be lowered by the cooler for screening and granulation. The whole set of production line can realize full automation without labor, which greatly saves the cost.
Granular organic fertilizer production line

The output of each organic fertilizer plant is different, and the selection of large-scale organic fertilizer equipment is different. What are the advantages of an excellent large-scale organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer? With strong technical force, high-quality staff and R & D, design, manufacturing team. Zhengzhou Tianci fertilizer equipment factory designs fertilizer manufacturing process for customers free of charge, and is equipped with all-round services such as installation and debugging. Our products cover a wide range.