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Sheep dung can only be used after being treated with organic fertilizer production line

A large amount of chemical fertilizer has a great impact on the land. In fact, the efficiency of sheep manure is very high. If it is used as fertilizer after being decomposed and fermented by organic fertilizer production line, it is very good for soil and crops. Let's take a look at the following, fermented sheep manure do fertilizer have what benefits.

Soil itself has a lot of trace elements, but can not be absorbed by plants. However, there are a lot of organic components in sheep manure, which can make the soil more fertile. Moreover, various elements in it can be decomposed and utilized better, so as to improve soil fertility.

Using decomposed and fermented sheep manure as fertilizer can make a large number of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, which can improve the soil. In addition, after these beneficial ingredients die, the soil can become more loose. If there are more beneficial microorganisms, the soil will enter into a good cycle, and all kinds of harmful ingredients will be inhibited. In this way, the amount of pesticide used can also be reduced. At the same time, there are many enzymes in sheep manure, which can make the land more active when used in the soil. Then it is made into granules by fertilizer granulator to prolong fertilizer efficiency and promote plant production.
sheep dung organic fertilizer production line

The results showed that there were more nutrients and more trace elements in sheep manure after fermented with organic fertilizer. At the same time, the fermented sheep dung can absorb heavy metals, which can reduce the pollution of crops and make the roots grow better.

Moreover, fermented sheep manure can improve the stress resistance of crops. There are a lot of ingredients in sheep dung, which are natural antibiotics, so that the resistance of crops is better, and it is not easy to infect diseases. It can also make the crops more drought resistant, waterlogging resistant and more adaptable.

It's safer to use. After the organic fertilizer production line, the sheep dung will not burn roots and seedlings due to secondary fermentation, so it can be used safely. Our NPK fertilizer granulator is suitable for granulation of various fertilizers.