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Sheep manure organic fertilizer production line

 Sheep manure organic fertilizer is a new type of high-quality organic fertilizer specially treated by organic matter that is not completely digested by sheep. It is suitable for geological improvement of alkaline land and barren land, and has a good effect on improving crop yield. Because the sheep is a ruminant and rarely drink water, the feces are dry and fine, and the amount of feces is also small. The organic fertilizer of sheep manure is a kind of hot fertilizer between horse dung and cow dung.


Sheep manure contains abundant nutrients, both effective nutrients that are easily decomposed and absorbed by crops, and delayed nutrients that are not easily decomposed. It is a good fertilizer that combines fertilizer efficiency.

Sheep manure organic fertilizer production manufacturing process:
1. Combine the sheep manure with the right amount of straw powder, and mix it with the amount of water depending on the amount of sheep manure. Generally, the fermentation requires 45% water content, that is, the hand is pinched into a group, the fingers are seen in the water, but the water is not dripped. The solution is scattered. Then add cornmeal and strains, the role of cornmeal is to increase the sugar, for the fermentation of the strain, so that the multi-dimensional complex enzymes quickly dominate.

2. Add the mixed mixture to the mixer for mixing. The mixing must be uniform, and it should be thoroughly penetrated without leaving a block.

3. The stirred ingredients are piled into strips with a width of 1.5 m to 2 m and a height of 0.8 m to 1 m, which are thrown once every 2 days with a compost turning machine.

4. stacking 2 days warming, 4 days odorless, 7 days loose, 9 days fragrant, 10 days into fertilizer (that is, the second day of the heap temperature can reach 60 ° C-80 ° C, killing E. coli, eggs and other pests and diseases On the 4th day, the smell of sheep manure was eliminated; on the 7th day, the compost became loose and dry, and it was covered with white hyphae; on the 9th day, a scent of koji was produced; on the 10th day, the fertilizer was fermented and matured).

5. The compost can be crushed with a semi-wet material pulverizer if it is dried slightly, granulated by an organic fertilizer granulator machine, dried and dehydrated by a dryer, and then screened through a sieve machine, the finished organic fertilizer is ready, it can be loaded The package is stored.