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Steps and equipment needed to make organic fertilizer and granulator maintenance method

Organic fertilizer is an indispensable material in today's agricultural production. The organic fertilizer granulator converts the material into organic fertilizer and then processes it into granules, which can help customers better package and use. Let's talk about the steps and equipment needed for organic fertilizer production process.


Steps and equipment needed to make organic fertilizer:
1. Ground strip pile, track type turner, or fermentation tank for material, slot type throwing machine
2. evenly spread the microbial agent, turn the pile of fermentation to heat up, smell, decompose, kill the germs
3. fermentation 15-20 days, according to the temperature varies from place to place, the number of times is different, and using the compost turning machine to increase fermentation speed.
4. completely fermented and decomposed, out of the pool (ground type directly with a forklift to collect the pile)
5. using a sifting machine for thickness screening, (screened powdered fertilizer can be sold directly)
6. The large pieces that have been screened are crushed by a pulverizer and returned to the sieving machine.
7. Mix the required trace elements with a premixer,
8. Granulation with a fertilizer granulator machine.
9. into the dryer and cooler to dry and cool.
10. automatic packaging machine package for sale

Organic fertilizer granulator machine maintenance method:
1. Start preheating and replace grease.
2. Replace the gear oil.
3. Reasonable maintenance, adequate and reasonable maintenance is very necessary.
4. Replacement of wearing parts. The wearing parts are the main working parts of the new organic fertilizer granulator.
5. Humanized production. The human culture and humanized operation of the equipment is a warm measure to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

The knowledge about the steps and equipment needed to make organic fertilizers and the maintenance of equipment is introduced to you. Hope can help you.