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Organic fertilizer production line to improve production technology

The quality of the organic fertilizer production line is the basis for opening the market, and it is also an important factor. No equipment with quality assurance will be purchased, and the social resources will be wasted, whether in material, production and processing, electromechanical selection, or later sales service. We must always implement the principle of quality and implement quality control in every production and processing process. So how do you improve quality and grasp the process? Next, the organic fertilizer equipment will be introduced from the following four aspects.

1. Material selection, the organic fertilizer production process requires a lot of resources, such as steel, electromechanical, etc. For the procurement personnel, it is necessary to strictly implement the national standards, and it is not necessary to save the cost and fake it.

2. Design of organic fertilizer production line. Before designing, sample and test as much as possible. Technology developers should design according to scientific principles, fashion trends and user experience. It is impossible to create imagination by realistic imagination.

3. Production control of organic fertilizer production line, production must be based on technical documents, the processed qualified products of each process must be marked, the identification of key parts must be clear, and the traceability of products should be guaranteed.

4. After-sales team service quality, organic fertilizer production line after-sales is the main link for stability and development of new customers. Good service can reassure customers, establish word of mouth, introduce new customers' sales model to old customers, and let organic fertilizer production line enterprises reduce the difficulty of development of the customer.


In addition to improving the production technology and process of the equipment, the production of the organic fertilizer production line can also be used in some practical techniques.

1. The organic fertilizer production line granulator is produced at a constant speed. Many people can't understand this concept very well. Uniform production is literally a uniform production rate. In the production of organic fertilizer production lines, we not only need to feed at a uniform speed, but also require a uniform feed component, although it cannot be reached, but it should be as close as possible. This will greatly limit the large production of organic fertilizer production lines.

2. The organic fertilizer production line equipment normal maintenance and maintenance, normal protection can reduce the problem of organic fertilizer production line, save time, improve equipment utilization, and directly increase production value.

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