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Structural Analysis of Belt Conveyor for Transfer Fertilizer Equipment

In fertilizer production, belt conveyor as a fertilizer transmission equipment plays an important auxiliary connecting role. The overall structure of belt conveyor is simpler than other fertilizer equipment, but its role is very important. Belt conveyors are widely used in many industries. In different industries, the types and structures of belt conveyors are also different. The safety and stability of belt conveyor in the use process have a certain impact on the safety of related industries. In fertilizer production, it is necessary to select a safe and reliable belt conveyor with better stability to maintain the conveying equipment to ensure the stable operation of the belt conveyor.

Structure of Belt Conveyor for Fertilizer Equipment
Belt conveyor is usually composed of supporting roller, supporting roller bracket, supporting frame, conveyor belt, driving pulley, motor and speed reducer. Belt conveyor has many years of use history. It has the characteristics of continuous transportation, simple maintenance and large transportation volume. Belt conveyor is not only used in fertilizer production and processing, but also widely used in many industrial fields such as metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, coal, port, power station, building materials, light industry, electricity, grain and so on. Belt conveyor is the main transport equipment in coal mine production, which promotes the development of modern mine cause.
belt conveyor of fertilizer equipment

Advantages of Belt Conveyor 
The belt conveyor has the advantages of simple structure, wide range of conveying materials and large conveying capacity. In fertilizer production, the belt conveyor has strong adaptability to the line and is convenient for loading and unloading materials. It can save the capital investment of fertilizer equipment. Moreover, the belt conveyor has low energy consumption, high efficiency and wide application fields.

Belt conveyor structure is continuous output through the action of the conveyor belt. As an important fertilizer equipment, it can improve the production efficiency of fertilizer granulating production line and make the product quality better. Although the structure of belt conveyor is simple, for the conveyor composed of different parts, the lack of any one of the constituent structures can not make the belt conveyor normal use.