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Fertilizer equipment chicken manure, duck manure and pig manure dryer

Dryer is widely used in many industries, especially in the development of agriculture. More and more people use it to dry grain, fertilizer, seeds and other products. As a kind of fertilizer equipment, the dryer has multiple functions. It can not only be used as the assembly of the drying and cooling system in the fertilizer production line, but also as the main drying equipment for grain and seeds.

Drum dryer designed by our factory is suitable for granulation of various fertilizers such as organic fertilizer production line, NPK compound fertilizer production line and fertilizer granulating production line. The dryer can also be used for pretreatment of organic fertilizer fermentation and drying wet manure such as chicken manure, duck manure and pig manure. If chicken manure, duck manure, pig manure and other manure are too wet, it is not suitable for organic fertilizer fermentation, and a large number of straw, sawdust and other materials need to be added to regulate moisture. The drum dryer reduces the moisture content in feces, shortens the drying time, reduces the content of straw and other regulators, and improves the quality of organic fertilizer after fermentation.
manure drum dryer of fertilizer equipment

This drum dryer has a great impact on the development of agriculture, and it is mainly used in grain, fertilizer, seeds and other industries in the process of its application. Rotary drum dryer is not only a fertilizer equipment, it is also a particularly important machine. The application of dryer in agricultural production development can improve the efficiency of agricultural production and the quality of fertilizer products.

Drum dryer itself is fertilizer equipment, belongs to agricultural production machinery, with the continuous improvement of people's requirements for agricultural production development, it has gradually been taken seriously by people. The function of drum dryer has been applied more and more.