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Technology of organic manure fermentation in hog farm

The biggest headache of hog farm is the problem of fecal treatment, because compost not only takes up space, but also easily causes odor. Under the pressure of environmental protection, pig manure treatment is a big problem. As long as the manure is properly disposed, it can not only solve the environmental problems of pig farms, but also bring extra income. The market price of organic fertilizer is high now. The raw materials are the excrement of livestock and crop wastes such as straw. Organic fertilizer fermentation equipment manufacturers share the fermentation technology of pig manure to carry out biofertilizer project.

Technology of pig manure fermentation organic fertilizer

1. Add fermentation bacteria: 60% of livestock manure, 20% of food bacterial residue, 10% of straw and other materials with low water content (reduce the water content to 50%, which is the appropriate water content for fermentation), and 1% of bacteria fermentation agent. The purpose of adding fungicide is to improve the temperature rise speed, control the fermentation temperature at 65 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, eliminate the odor and sterilization in the fermentation process, accelerate the fermentation speed, and shorten the fermentation time to about 15 ~ 20 days.
Precautions for fermentation process: stir with compost turner machine every 2 days. In order to increase the oxygen content, the compost needs to be turned over continuously; at the same time, the fermentation strains need to be more evenly contacted with the materials, increase the maturity, and accelerate the process of fermentation maturity.
pig manure fermentation composting technology
2. Smashing after fermentation and ripening: because some of the decomposed materials are too large for fertilizer application, it is necessary to smash these materials by semi wet material crusher to prepare for the next granulation of organic fertilizer (the smaller the crushed particles, the easier to granulation). The crushed and stirred materials are powdery, which is not conducive to mechanical fertilization.

At present, many organic fertilizers on the market are fermented by animal manure, crop straw, pressed cake or beer dregs, monosodium glutamate dregs, etc. In the organic manure fermentation, chicken manure has the highest nutrient content, followed by pig manure, which is now fed with refined feed, so the nutrient content and organic matter content of pig manure are relatively high (the nutrient content of pig manure raised by farmers is relatively low), which is suitable for fermentation as organic manure. According to many experimental results, the effect of pig manure organic fertilizer is similar to that of chicken manure fermentation. Therefore, the market prospect of pig manure fermentation as organic fertilizer is very good. Tianci fertilizer equipment manufacturers provide customers with organic fertilizer equipment, NPK fertilizer production line, to help complete fertilizer manufacturing and processing.