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How to choose trough fermentation bio organic fertilizer equipment

Trough type compost turning machine is a kind of main equipment for organic fertilizer fermentation. It is an indispensable tool for biofertilizer project. There are various forms of trough-type turning equipment, and there is a lot of choice from the scope of material application, working principle to output size.
trough compost turner machine

Advantages of trough compost turner machine

Trough turner is equipped with a high-pressure forced oxygen supply system, which can use the oxygen at the bottom of the tank to uniformly supply oxygen to the material, which is convenient for fermentation. The side of the fermentation tank is equipped with a fixed copper sliding contact cable to ensure safety, reliability and durability. It consists of transmission, lifting device, walking device, dumping device, transfer vehicle and other main components. It has the effects of fast stacking speed and uniform mixing, which can make the material fully contact with the air and achieve the best fermentation effect. Fermentation. The turner machine is designed with scientific structure, high degree of automation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, convenient use, and low cost.

Working principle of compost turner machine

There are many working principles of the organic fertilizer trough type turning machine. Different working principles require different material costs and processing costs, so the prices are different. For example, the most basic ordinary trough type turner relies on the rotary blade on the large shaft under the machine to turn over the materials. During operation, the main shaft rotates continuously under the drive of the motor, and the materials are broken and hoisted by the high-speed rotating blade. Because the turning depth of the stacker adopting this principle is not too deep, the price threshold is relatively low. However, the materials used by various manufacturers will be different, and the price will fluctuate to some extent.

Another kind of commonly used organic fertilizer trough turning machine is chain plate turner, which works like a chain plate conveyor, so the resistance of materials is relatively small, and it can dump deeper materials, which is suitable for organic fertilizer enterprises with large output. Of course, the cost of production and production of this equipment is relatively high. It also needs to use hydraulic system, which has the function of fast backout of turning pile. The addition of these functions increases the production cost of this kind of throwing machine, and the price is naturally relatively high.

The double screws turning machine is also widely used in the fermentation of biological fertilizer. It has strong processing capacity, wide coverage, and low energy consumption. It is used in large-scale fertilizer manufacturing process and is suitable for large-scale organic fertilizer enterprises.