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What is the use value of chicken manure organic fertilizer?

 With more and more farmers raising chickens, more and more chicken manure is produced. How to deal with chicken manure has become a headache for many people, but the odor of chicken manure is arbitrarily discarded. Can't stand it, and it can spread some diseases and pollute the environment. In fact, chicken manure is a very valuable thing. If it is used well, it can also bring considerable benefits to the farmers.

The most common value we know is the manure used as fertilizer for crops. Because chicken manure contains high nutrients, the organic matter content of chicken manure organic fertilizer is excessive, and the necessary elements such as N,P,K are also quite high. Especially nowadays people pay more and more attention to green vegetables. Therefore, many farmers who grow vegetable greenhouses do not dare to use much chemical fertilizers, and the feces of other animals cannot guarantee the growth of vegetables. They naturally turn their attention to the chicken droppings which is with high nutrient content. Not only that, the flower cultivation is even more inseparable from the organic fertilizer of chicken manure, and flower farmers spend a lot of money to buy it.

Do you know that chicken manure organic fertilizer is also the animal feed? The chicken manure treated by fermentation can be used as feed for animals. It has been proved by experiments that the feed made from chicken manure is used to feed pigs and other livestock. The pigs will be more round and obese, which will bring more benefits to the farmers. This is also the biggest value of chicken manure as waste utilization. It brings so many benefits to the farmers, so that many chicken farmers no longer focus only on the chicken breeding, but also put their eyes on the chicken manure organic fertilizer.

Various strains can be added to the chicken manure during fermentation. There are many kinds of organic fertilizer fermentation strains: enzymes, preservatives, functional bacteria, various single bacteria, phosphate-dissolving potassium-fixing bacteria, control of underground pests, anti-heavy bacteria, root-knot nematodes, water-soluble fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, formula Fertilizer, fruit special fertilizer etc.

Chicken manure can be made into organic fertilizer after fermented. Organic fertilizer professional production equipment: ground turner, trough turner, crusher, grading sieve, premixer, granulator, screener, dryer, cooler, packaging machine, etc.