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What are the characteristics of the bulk mixed fertilizer production line?

 Bulk composts are mixtures of different granular fertilizers. The process of making BB fertilizer is very simple. In addition, the production formula can be changed flexibly. You can adjust the bulk mix recipe to your local soil conditions. BB fertilizer is especially suitable for large-scale planting with complex terrain. Composite granular fertilizer refers to a granular fertilizer containing at least two elements of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Compared with the BB fertilizer production line, the npk production line is more complicated and requires more equipment, such as disc granulator machine, double roller granulator, rotary drum granulator and so on.

Bulk mixed fertilizer is also called BB fertilizer. BB fertilizer is composed of two or three kinds of granular fertilizers, in which the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is relatively high. The production technology is not complicated at all. Through a simple mechanical bulk mixed fertilizer production line, different single substance granular fertilizers or compound granular fertilizers can be evenly mixed.

Below, we will introduce you to the salient features of the bulk compound fertilizer production line.
• Small investment. In Huaqiang bulk mixed fertilizer production line, there are only three main fertilizer machines, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money.
•Huaqiang bulk mixed fertilizer production line can be used to produce many different BB fertilizers. You can change your fertilizer recipe at any time, and you should make sure the fertilizer recipe is correct.
• The mixing process of this bulk mixed fertilizer production line is very fast. The mixing time is short, and the granular fertilizer in the mixer will not absorb too much moisture from the air.
•Huaqiang bulk mixed fertilizer production line is easy to operate. The batching process, mixing process, and packaging process are all controlled by a microcomputer system, with a high degree of automation.
• The production capacity of Huaqiang BB fertilizer production line is adjustable. Huaqiang experts will choose the right machine for your bulk compound fertilizer production line according to your capacity needs.
•Our bulk compound fertilizer production line is well designed. Our company's engineers are responsible and professional to design each fertilizer production line for you according to your needs.