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Can the double roller granulator produce compound fertilizer?

 Double roller granulator is famous in the fertilizer production industry for dry granulation. It requires your material to have less than 5% moisture. In addition, the roller press granulator is suitable for the production of special compound fertilizers with high, medium and low concerns, such as the production of diammonium phosphate, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and urea fertilizers. Therefore, the twin-roll extrusion granulator is the key equipment of the npk production line. Also, you can change the shape of the fertilizer by assembling different roller pieces. Reasonable design, low energy consumption, perfectly meet your requirements for compound fertilizer granulation process.

Generally speaking, the double roller granulator includes 4 main parts.
• The frame part is an integral structure made of high-quality carbon steel plate. All other detail parts need to be assembled in the rack section. Also, there are holes around the machine. Easy to unload and transport.
• The transmission part refers to the motor drive pulley, V-belt and reducer. This part mainly provides force when the double-roller granulator is working.
•The extrusion granulation part is the key part in the drum granulator. There are two rollers in a complete twin roll granulator which compresses your powder material into large sheets.
• The crushing and separation part is to crush the extruded large flakes into uniform particles. The off-spec fertilizer granules are then separated and need to be put back into the granulation section.

Why choose a double roller granulator for granular fertilizer production?
•Widely applicable to various raw materials. You can not only use twin roll processing machine in npk fertilizer production line. But it is perfectly used for granulation in pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy, coal, feed and other industries.
• Less investment. Extrusion granulators make fertilizer granules at room temperature. So you don't buy a fertilizer dryer and cooler.
• No waste pollution discharge. Our drum pelletizers use electricity as the main power. Therefore, there will be less pollution to the environment.
• High granulation rate. The ball forming rate of the double roller granulator is over 90%.