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What are the benefits of livestock manure composting equipment

The manure produced by farm-raised livestock and poultry can be made into organic fertilizer to bring certain additional economic value, and the compost turning machine can realize the efficient fermentation of manure and organic fertilizer.

So what benefits can be achieved by using livestock manure composting equipment. First of all, after a series of processes of the equipment, the feces are separated and processed, and finally organic fertilizer is formed.

Secondly, compost can be used for planting flowers, fruits and vegetables, crops, or directly applied to the field after fermentation, which helps to improve the soil environment and promote the development of ecological agriculture.

The farm will organically combine breeding and planting, and do three-dimensional breeding, recycling breeding and ecological breeding. Generally, 5 pigs (1 cow, 5 sheep and 50 chickens) can be consumed per mu of field. According to this plan, we can deal with the feces and solve the pollution problem.
livestock manure composting equipment

In addition to the benefits achieved, our livestock and poultry manure composting and throwing equipment is manufactured by combining the requirements of harmlessness and resource utilization. It is suitable for organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer manufacturing process. It has complete functions and good equipment quality.