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What tools are needed for cow dung composting

When the cattle farm ferments the cow manure, it needs to use the compost turner machine. So what should I pay attention to when I choose a cow dung compost turner? As a cattle manure fermentation turner manufacturer, here is the basic knowledge of the turner.

Cow manure compost turner machine

At present, the most widely used in livestock manure fermentation is the compost turner. There are many kinds of turners that can be used from the principle of equipment, among which the common ones are ordinary trough turner and chain plate turner. The tipping machine with tank fermentation structure has a wide range of stacking span, with stacking width ranging from 2m to 6m and depth ranging from 0.8m to 2m.

Cow dung turner machine is an important equipment for fermenting cow manure. It adopts four-wheel walking design. It can move forward and backward on the track of fermentation tank. Through the limit control of travel switch, after turning on the turner, the electric control system will automatically perform the functions of turning forward and turning back, without the need of special personnel. If the traveling of the tripper is blocked due to foreign matters in the material, the electric control system will automatically cut off the power to protect the motor from damage.

Cow manure compost turner relies on high-speed rotary blade to mix, fluff and move organic fertilizer raw materials. After turning over, the machine forms a new uniform pile. In this way, the material and oxygen are fully mixed, not only completing the process of aerobic fermentation and oxygen exchange, but also cooling the material, which is of great benefit to the fermentation of microorganisms. So the turner is an important equipment of biofertilizer project.
compost turner machine

The tank type turner introduced here needs to place the organic fertilizer raw materials in the fermentation tank. This requires that the fermentation tank be built before the construction of the fertilizer manufacturing process, which will involve civil investment in terms of cost. Of course, it is also possible to use a track turning machine. This equipment does not need to build a fermentation tank, and can be directly composted and fermented on a flat ground. However, the tank fermentation turner relatively saves fermentation space, so it is still quite widely used in comparison.