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Wet and dry granulation of fertilizer equipment

As a fertilizer granulator manufacturer, when customers consult us, they generally don't know what kind of granulator they need. The difference of fertilizer granulator machine is to select appropriate granulation method according to the application requirements of materials. Zhengzhou Tianci Machinery Co., Ltd. is here to introduce the method of fertilizer granulation and provide basis for customers to purchase fertilizer production equipment.

Fertilizer granulation equipment is just a big general term. According to fertilizer manufacturing process, it is mainly divided into two categories: wet process and dry process:

1. Wet granulation equipment: the main target moisture content of materials is more than 20%. There are many kinds of equipment and processing methods in wet granulation. For example: disc granulator, rotary drum granulator, organic fertilizer granulator. This granulation method has been continued. Through the application environment and processing requirements of different materials, the equipment has made great progress in continuous improvement. For example, the particle size of organic fertilizer granulator is mostly between 1mm-6mm. Compared with wet granulation, dry granulation has the advantages of low energy consumption, environmental protection, no need for drying, no water and binder, so it will not change the material properties; this is also the advantages of dry granulation different from wet granulation. Wet granulation equipment is more suitable for large-scale mass production of industrial NPK fertilizer production line.
fertilizer granulation equipment

2. Dry granulation equipment: it mainly refers to the product with low moisture content. Generally, the moisture content below 10% is a zero boundary value. (very few materials can reach 16%, for example, some materials only contain crystal water). Most of the particles produced by dry granulation are irregular particles (such as the common granular potash fertilizer). The particle shape is generally said to be similar to the shape of small crushed stones. With the current industrial promotion and environmental protection requirements more and more strict, many chemical, building materials powder needs to form particles. Double roller extrusion granulator and flat die pellet mill are often used in industry and agriculture.