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What are the advantages of using fertilizer granulation machine in livestock and poultry industry

In fact, most of the livestock and poultry industry produce a large amount of feces every day when breeding these animals, and there is no suitable way to solve this problem. If we directly use these feces to irrigate plants, it is likely to have the opposite effect. The following fertilizer production line equipment manufacturers to put forward a reasonable project plan for us.
using fertilizer granulation machine in livestock and poultry industry
It is suggested that these manufacturers can use some organic fertilizer production equipment to process animal feces. The products produced can not only achieve twice the result with half the effort for plants, but also deal with a large amount of feces. At the same time, they can also have an extra charge. It can be said that it is cost-effective and can make waste utilization.

For example, in the pig industry, if NPK fertilizer granulator is used, the pig manure will become columnar or spherical organic fertilizer particles after some processing. These high-quality fertilizer products can make the profit of the pig industry higher, at the same time, reduce and resist the risks brought by the pig industry.