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Organic fertilizer production line to improve the conversion rate of manure

For many years, China has been actively promoting the healthy development of fertilizer industry, which is the basis of ensuring food security and the cornerstone of the entire agricultural development. With the promotion of consumption upgrading and agricultural supply side structural reform, the development of fertilizer industry has ushered in new opportunities and challenges, from increasing grain production only to raising quality and efficiency. Organic fertilizer production line will be manure, straw waste into commercial fertilizer, reuse, to meet the needs of agricultural crops.
manure organic fertilizer production line

With the development of green agriculture, we can see the advantages of green agriculture, and the promotion of organic fertilizer has begun to move forward. More and more farmers have begun to use organic fertilizer production equipment, using existing livestock manure as raw materials, and processing high-quality commercial fertilizer through NPK fertilizer granulator. These fertilizers can not only be used for their own use, but also sold to nearby growers. The construction of organic fertilizer production project can open up a new way to generate income without worrying about manure accumulation, which has developed into a new mode of animal husbandry and breeding.

At present, many countries and regions are actively promoting the application of organic fertilizer, promoting organic fertilizer and green ecological agriculture. According to the principle of less investment and quick effect, the farm manure should be recovered and treated on the spot to reduce the processing and transportation costs and improve the conversion rate of manure. We provide a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment, including rotary drum granulator, flat die pelleting machine, disc granulator, pulverizer, drum dryer, cooling machine, compost turner, packaging machine, etc.