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Why to ferment the raw materials in the organic fertilizer production process first

In the process of production and processing of organic fertilizer, the raw material of bio organic fertilizer should be turned over by fermentation dumper, and the temperature of raw material should be controlled below 60 ℃. After oxygen consumption fermentation, the product meets the requirements of organic fertilizer standards.
So in the processing technology of organic fertilizer production line, why do we have to ferment the raw materials?
ferment the raw materials in the organic fertilizer production process

1. After fermentation, the raw material of organic fertilizer can change the original state of organic matter in the raw material and improve the utilization rate of the material. In the process of fermentation, the insect eggs and harmful components in the raw materials are killed, and the materials become acidic after fermentation, which is more conducive to the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium by plant roots. In the fertilizer processing, the rotting compost and NPK fertilizer are granulated by the rotary drum granulator, and the fertilizer effect is better.

2. Reduce crop resistance to pests and diseases. Compost that has not undergone bio-fermentation can easily pass on its own germs, weed seeds, insect eggs, etc. to crops and affect its growth. In the fermentation process of bio-organic fertilizer, beneficial microorganisms multiply in large quantities, killing harmful pathogenic bacteria, and through high-temperature rot to remove grass seeds and insect eggs, fertilizer is applied to the soil, which can effectively inhibit the spread of soil-borne pathogens and weeds. Growth, improve the ability to resist pests and diseases.

3. Avoid burning roots and seedlings, safe to use. After the application of fermented livestock manure, when it encounters fermentation conditions, fermentation under the activity of microorganisms will produce a certain amount of heat, which will directly affect the growth of crops and burn the roots of crops, resulting in death. Only if the organic fertilizer is thoroughly rotted, it will not produce secondary fermentation, will not burn roots and seedlings, and will not damage the root system of the crop.

4. Improve crop yield and quality. In the production process of organic fertilizer, the fermentation raw materials must be thoroughly decomposed, so that the compost can be further processed as raw materials, and different special fertilizer products can be made by using fertilizer granulator. And that's why we need to ferment bio organic fertilizer.