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Why should fertilizer be made into granules in the fertilizer manufacturing process

There are two kinds of fertilizer products processed by fertilizer production equipment: powdery fertilizer and granular fertilizer. Among them, granular fertilizer is more in daily processing. The main purpose of producing granular organic fertilizer by organic fertilizer production equipment is to facilitate bagging and transportation, and prevent the secondary fermentation of organic fertilizer. In the manufacturing of NPK fertilizer, fertilizers with different nutrients are made into compound fertilizer according to the formula to make the nutrients more balanced. In addition, in terms of the degree of sale, it is better to sell granular fertilizer.
make granules in the fertilizer manufacturing process

The reason why fertilizer is granular

1. It is more convenient to apply. Organic fertilizer has a lighter specific gravity. It is easy to be blown away by the wind when applied in farmland, and it is easy to apply when it is made into granules.
2. Some inorganic components can be added to fertilizer to improve fertilizer efficiency. However, if the powder is added with inorganic ingredients, it is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate, so it can be made into granules with rotary drum granulator for storage.
3. The water content of powdered materials must be low and must be crushed. The major limiting factor in the production of organic fertilizer is that the water cannot be removed, and it needs to be dried. The pellets can be made without drying. The pelletizing process generates high heat and only needs to be cooled, which is very convenient.