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Why choose NPK fertilizer granulator? How to deal with agglomeration?

At present, NPK fertilizer granulator is widely used in organic fertilizer granulation. It is used in animal manure, wet compost, green manure, sapropel peat, cake fertilizer, urban domestic waste, etc.

How to deal with the agglomeration of fertilizer granulator?

After purchasing organic fertilizer raw materials, the materials will agglomerate. According to the market research, there are some agglomeration problems in the granulation of roller extrusion granulator or new type organic granulator. However, organic fertilizer production line packaging particles, should be qualified products without caking. How to solve the problem?

Raw materials of organic fertilizer granulation process may be affected by fecal storage and transportation. In addition, it is related to weather and other aspects. For example, on rainy days, the surface of raw materials will get wet. It then becomes larger and more extensive, leading to caking. It is agglomerated because of improper long-term storage and transportation.

We can easily solve the problem by understanding the causes of the agglomeration of organic fertilizer particles. With waterproof and breathable packaging, organic fertilizer particles are not affected by air and humidity. You can also use a fertilizer dryer to dry organic fertilizer particles. The organic fertilizer coating machine is used to increase the coating process so that each particle surface has a special protective film to prevent the impact of external air humidity on the finished particles. This can solve the caking problem better.
NPK fertilizer granulator

NPK fertilizer granulation

We have designed a variety of NPK fertilizer granulators, including double roller granulator, disc granulator, rotary drum granulator, flat die pellet mill, etc. They can be used to produce organic fertilizer, organic compound fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer, compound microbial organic fertilizer, humic fertilizer, etc. NPK granulator, reasonable structure, high degree of automation, no workers can produce organic fertilizer particles. The granulation rate of the fertilizer granulator is 99%, and the finished product rate is 98%. It will not affect the granulation of raw materials with high crude fiber content. It has a low moisture content during granulation. When you dry organic fertilizer particles, they only need to be dried at the right temperature. During the granulation process of NPK fertilizer, beneficial microorganisms are retained, which can effectively ensure the survival of bacteria.