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A drum granulator for export to Mexico

On February 27, a drum granulator in our factory was loaded and ready to be sent to Mexico.
drum granulator export to Mexico 

We are a manufacturer of fertilizer machines, mainly manufacture various compound fertilizer granulators, bio-organic fertilizer granulators, crushers, mixers, conveyors, drum dryers, screeners, etc. We have nearly 20 years of experience in fertilizer production equipment.

Rotary drum granulator is an important equipment of fertilizer granulation production line. Compared with disc granulator, it has more stable production condition, larger output, lower production consumption and better forming effect of fertilizer particles. After the material enters the drum granulator, with the addition of steam and the rotation of the cylinder, the material gradually aggregates into particles. The inner part of our drum granulator is equipped with a sheet, and the cylinder body is lined with special rubber plates. Rotary drum granulator has obvious advantages in granulation. Its product formula is wide. It can produce a variety of compound fertilizers and organic fertilizers. The equipment has reliable performance and stable operation. The drum granulator has many models and specifications, and its production capacity can reach 1-20 tons/hour.
A production line of fertilizer drum granulator includes not only granulating equipment, but also crushing equipment, batching equipment, conveying equipment, drying and cooling system, packing machine, etc. Fertilizer factory can configure equipment according to its own production situation.
rotary drum granulator export to Mexico

Our fertilizer equipment has been recognized internationally and exported to all parts of the world. India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Egypt, Algeria, Spain, Kenya, Sudan, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, South Korea, Vietnam and other countries and regions are using our equipment. We provide our customers with fertilizer equipment consulting services to find the ideal fertilizer production machine.