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Saudi customer visit our plant fertilizer granulation equipment

On March 25, a Saudi customer came to our factory to visit our fertilizer granulation equipment. Our manager and staff accompanied him on this friendly visit.

In view of this visit of Saudi customes, we first arranged a simple negotiation meeting, in which professional staff introduced the company's main business and main products to customer. Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise of fertilizer production equipment. We have developed granulation equipment, screening equipment, batching system, fermentation equipment, drying and cooling system suitable for organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer production. We provide a series of services such as plant design, process design of fertilizer granulation production line, equipment installation, etc.
Saudi customer visit fertilizer granulation equipment

Subsequently, we arranged the customer to visit the production site of fertilizer equipment and introduced the granulator, dryer, compost turner, rotary screener and other equipment to the Saudi customer. The manager simply introduced the operation principle and mode of these equipments to the customer. The customer expressed his strong interest and gave detailed consultation on the effect of fertilizer products.

This customers are visiting our double roller press granulator. The roller press granulator is mainly composed of feeding device, material level control device, a pair of rollers, transmission device, hydraulic system and so on. The material is extruded into a cake shape by applying extrusion force to the material through two rollers rotating in opposite directions, and then the material is crushed into particles by the equipment.
Saudi customer visit fertilizer granulation equipment

After the visit, the custome had further discussions with us. The customer were satisfied with our equipment and looked forward to further cooperation.