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Durable fertilizer production line plant sold to Jordan

The day before yesterday, we sent a batch of fertilizer production plant to Jordan. This set of compound fertilizer production line is solid and durable, and the machine materials are carefully selected. It is the main machine product of our factory.
 fertilizer production line plant sold to Jordan
The fertilizer production line needs not only a NPK fertilizer, but also a large number of different types of raw materials. Because of the need of production, there cannot be only one kind of equipment, so at this time, we need to carry out the batching device. The uniformity of the components of fertilizer products is an important index to reflect the quality of fertilizer treatment, which is also an important parameter to evaluate the performance of fertilizer production equipment. The composition mixing of raw materials is an important part of the performance of the whole fertilizer plant equipment and the effect of how to use the mixing equipment, which directly determines the production efficiency and product quality of the fertilizer plant.

For complete fertilizer treatment plant, first of all, it is necessary to ensure the accurate proportion of different components. Our fertilizer equipment mixes different raw materials into NPK fertilizer granulator to ensure better production efficiency and reduce production cost. From this point of view, however, the horizontal mixer can not complete the continuous processing of NPK fertilizer production, so we provide a batching system and a more advanced computer batching scale, and the automatic batching equipment significantly provides the production efficiency.
 fertilizer production line plant sold to Jordan

Fertilizer production process

The processing and treatment of compound fertilizer are mainly ingredients and granulation. Rotary drum granulator is recommended for granulation process, which has strong production capacity and is suitable for a wide range of raw materials. After the raw materials are mixed, they are transported by belt into the crusher for crushing, and then sent to the drum granulator by belt conveyor. The spherical particles produced by the granulator are dried and cooled, and finally bagged after passing the screening machine. After drying, the moisture content of granular fertilizer can be less than 16%. The production process is easy to operate, stable equipment production, high degree of automation, few operators and less dust in the working environment.