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fertilizer machine factory delivered large angle belt conveyor

Tianci fertilizer equipment factory focuses on various equipment of organic fertilizer production line, including crusher, compost turner, granulator, screening machine, packaging machine, etc. Recently, I plant a large angle belt conveyor smoothly sent to Malaysia.
delivered large angle belt conveyor

Characteristics of large angle belt conveyor

1. This conveyor has a large inclination angle and can realize vertical conveyance at maximum. It is an ideal equipment for large inclination conveyance and vertical lifting. It can reduce the floor area, save equipment investment and civil construction costs, and has good comprehensive economic benefits.
2. Compared with other lifting equipment, it has the advantage of simple structure of the universal belt conveyor, so it is easy to repair and use.
3. Smooth operation and low noise. There are no floating chains and broken chains that often occur in chain drive equipment, and there are no slipping or falling buckets that often occur in bucket elevators. Its reliability is almost the same as the general belt conveyor.
4. Because there is no digging resistance when loading and internal and external friction when running, the energy consumption of this kind of conveyor is small.
5. The vertical edge retaining belt conveyor can also be equipped with any length of horizontal conveying section at the head and tail of the machine to facilitate the connection with the rotary drum granulator, crusher, screening machine and other conveying equipment.
delivered large angle belt conveyor

The company sincerely hopes to cooperate sincerely with all parties with our excellent equipment and reasonable price to jointly create a better future. In terms of design and production, our company extensively solicits the opinions of the demand side in the design and production stages of equipment processing, especially when considering the layout of the flat facade, fully considering the site conditions and public works conditions of the demand side, so that the equipment can ensure the quality while , Taking into account the optimized combination. Design fertilizer production line according to customer's drawings. In the installation and debugging of the machine, the equipment arrives in the demand-side factory. Our company sends full-time technical personnel to the demand-side to guide the installation and is responsible for debugging to normal use.