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Fertilizer manufacturing equipment is installed in Indonesia

A set of fertilizer manufacturing equipment sold by our factory has been successfully installed in Indonesia and is ready to be put into fertilizer production.

fertilizer manufacturing equipment

A complete set of fertilizer manufacturing equipment mainly includes automatic batching system, mixing system, granulator, cooling and drying system, dust removal system, screening machine, packaging system. The equipment needed for each link of fertilizer treatment is as follows:
Automatic batching system: Electronic batching system, feeder

Mixing system: Horizontal mixer (or vertical mixer), belt conveyor

Granulator: According to the raw materials and production scale of fertilizer, different granulation equipment is selected. Several common granulating machines in Zhengzhou Tianci Factory are roller extrusion granulator, drum granulator, disc granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator, combined granulator, flat die granulator and ring die granulator.

Cooling and drying system: Drum dryer, drum cooler

Dust removal system: Cyclone dust collector. Dust will be produced in the operation of fertilizer manufacturing equipment. The dust removal system can deal with these gases to avoid pollution.

Screening Machine: Rotary screening machine

Packaging system: Automatic packing machine, it can automatic weighing, sewing package.

Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. sells various fertilizer manufacturing equipment, bio-organic fertilizer production line, NPK compound fertilizer production line, fertilizer granulation production line, and various fertilizer granulation machines. In terms of service, we try our best to meet customers'needs, freely provide fertilizer manufacturing project designing, fertilizer production line process designing, select suitable equipment for you. We also provide equipment layout draw, foundation draw and detail equipment manuals. 

Single silo single weigh automatic batching system
Each proportioning and weighing belt conveyor strictly coordinates and controls the feeding, and monitors and regulates the material timely and accurately. Before fertilizer granulation manufacturing, the batching system mixes the main and auxiliary materials evenly according to the formula, and feeds the mixed raw materials into the granulator.
batching system

Fertilizer drum screener
Drum screening machine is a common equipment in fertilizer manufacturing. It is mainly used for separating returned materials and finished products, realizing the classification of final products and ensuring the quality of final products.

The drum granulator makes materials to ball shape granules, could add water or steam in the machine. Rotary drum granulator can be applied to a variety of fertilizer raw materials, with a wide range of applications, large yield advantages.