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factory NPK fertilizer equipment sent to Malaysia

On April 8, after careful loading preparation, Tianci fertilizer equipment factory sent NPK fertilizer production line equipment to the port for export to Malaysia.
NPK fertilizer equipment sent to MalaysiaNPK fertilizer equipment sent to Malaysia

NPK compound fertilizer production line is specialized in making compound fertilizer particles. The long-term cultivated land needs to use compound fertilizer to regulate the soil and increase the content of different elements in the soil, so as to make the soil fertile and reduce hardening. With the continuous progress of social and economic development, people's living conditions have been greatly changed. Compound fertilizer equipment belongs to the agricultural machinery industry, and has been more and more applied in the market.

Plant growth needs a variety of nutrients, so NPK compound fertilizer production line, processing of commercial organic fertilizer needs ingredients and granulation. Compound fertilizer equipment supporting machines include batching system, mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, drum dryer, cooler, rotary screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, conveyor and other equipment.
NPK fertilizer equipment sent to MalaysiaNPK fertilizer equipment sent to Malaysia

Automatic batching system is a kind of automatic equipment for quantitative distribution of various materials, such as fertilizer raw materials. It is mainly used in the fertilizer industry to replace the manual platform scale or volume measurement. The automatic batching system has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, high distribution efficiency and high degree of automation. It is one of the main parts of NPK fertilizer production line. It is used in fertilizer production lines of various scales, which can effectively ensure the accuracy of ingredients and improve productivity. The mechanism of the proportioning system is simple, reliable and easy to operate and maintain. Because the measurement is accurate, it can effectively guarantee the quality of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. Electronic batching machine is a new type of batching machine, especially suitable for compound fertilizer manufacturing plant. It can be used for biofertilizer project, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and BB fertilizer production line with a discharge capacity of 1000 l or less. The batcher can be directly fed by mixer and lifting hopper, or fed by belt conveyor.

NPK fertilizer production line designed by Tianci fertilizer equipment factory is suitable for various fertilizer processes and production formulas, and is suitable for the production investment of large, medium and small fertilizer enterprises around the world.