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Organic fertilizer powder production equipment exported to Qatar

On April 5th, a set of organic fertilizer powder production equipment was installed in our factory. This organic fertilizer powder production line is exported to Qatar, and the equipment is confirmed to be free of any problems. It was sent to the port by our factory.

After the organic fertilizer fermentation is completed, it can be added other nutrients, processed into organic fertilizer granules, or directly processed into powder organic fertilizer sales. Organic fertilizer powder processing includes crushing, screening and packaging. Organic fertilizer powder production equipment includes fecal dewatering machine, fermentation compost turning machine, loader feeding hopper, conveyor, half-wet material crusher, fertilizer screener machine, powder packing machine. Fertilizer factories can increase or decrease equipment according to their own production conditions, and use an organic fertilizer powder production line to process fertilizer products to maximize benefits.

Raw Material for Organic Fertilizer Powder Production Line
1.Animal waste,like chicken manure,cow manure
2.Organic substances such as grass paste,lignite,organic sludge
3.Bean cake and other cake fertilizers.
4. Straw, straw, etc.

Fermented compost can be sent to the organic fertilizer powder production line for product processing.
The machine is mainly used to crush materials of biological fermentation organic fertilizer with moisture of 25%~50%. Crushing granule size meets the requirements of granulation, and also adjusted based on user need within a certain range. Have good effect on grinding the glass brick, ceramics and broken stone such kinds of hard matter from the city life garbage organic fertilizer.
organic fertilizer equipment half-wet crusher machine

This fertilizer screener machine adopts the integrated screen net which is easy for repair and replacement. This machine is easy to operate and works stable. Screener machine screens out qualified organic fertilizer powder, and qualified materials are sent out from the outlet. After packaging, they can be sold as organic fertilizer products.

The automatic control parameters of the packaging machine, which integrates feeding, weighing and sewing, work steadily. Powder packing machine automatically packs organic fertilizer powder into fertilizer products with the same weight, which is easy to operate.

In addition to the organic fertilizer powder production line, we also provide the organic fertilizer production line which makes organic fertilizer into granules, as well as the compost turning machine which specializes in turning fermentation materials. As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we provide comprehensive services, and available for free fertilizer equipment layout 3D drawings.