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fertilizer equipment sent to Ukraine

On May 20th, a complete set of fertilizer equipment sold by the Tianci factory was loaded in the port and ready for shipment to Ukraine. The fertilizer equipment is used for the processing of granular fertilizer, which is a professional fertilizer production and treatment device.

The figure shows the state of fertilizer equipment after loading. The whole fertilizer granulation production line was split into many parts and put into containers. When they reached their destination, they were assembled into a complete form by professionals. Flexible disassembly of fertilizer equipment facilitates their export transportation and ensures that the performance of the machine is not damaged.
fertilizer equipment export

Maritime transportation is the main mode of transportation for our export of fertilizer equipment. The fertilizer equipment sent to Ukraine should also be shipped to the customer's location. In containers, according to the characteristics and shapes of different equipment, some equipment is firmly fixed by ropes. We consider that the stability of these fertilizer plants may be affected if they are displaced in shipping. At the same time, the shaking will also cause some harm to the equipment, so we have carried out the corresponding bundling on the shipment of fertilizer equipment. This reinforcement method prevents part of the damage caused by the movement of equipment in the transportation process, and the strict installation requirements avoid unnecessary loss of customers.

fertilizer equipment sent to Ukraine
Vertical mixer: mix all kinds of raw materials evenly, so that the material meets the granulation requirements.

Hopper: It is an important auxiliary equipment in fertilizer production. Fertilizer is accurately put into each production equipment to complete the treatment.

Belt conveyor: Fertilizer is conveyed to each machine, which is the link equipment of every link of fertilizer production.

Automatic packing machine: Packing machine is used in the final step of fertilizer production. Fertilizer can be quantitatively packed into bags and sold on the market.