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Client Site of Windrow compost turning machine for Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment

Tianci Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment Factory has sold a windrow compost turning machine. On May 25, the application of the windrow compost turning machine in the customer's organic fertilizer production site is shown in the figure.
windrow compost turning machine

Aerobic composting is the harmless disposal and resource utilization of organic wastes. Organic fertilizer fermentation accords with ecological effect and saves investment and operation cost. In aerobic composting, the use of organic fertilizer production equipment-fermentation composting machine to operate the fermentation reactor is the most effective means of controlling fermentation. In the organic fertilizer fermentation, we can choose the suitable turner according to the characteristics of raw materials, investment level of fertilizer equipment and production scale.

Because the customer produces organic fertilizer by stacking compost fermentation, the customer chooses a windrow compost turning machine. The windrow compost turning machine has a mature and stable process for producing organic fertilizer. It is suitable for various organic material treatment projects, and has been vigorously developed. Windrow compost turning machine turns materials by walking on the ground. The turning machine is controlled by a motor. The motor drives the stirring teeth, the stirring teeth agitate the material by rotating. The material inside the material stack is overturned and the oxygen exchange is completed.

The windrow compost turning machine realizes the synchronization of material fermentation and material flow, which greatly improves the automation and standardization of composting treatment by organic fertilizer production equipment. Ground fermentation composting saves construction cost, windrow compost turning machine facilitates the operation of organic fertilizer fermentation and improves the production conditions of organic fertilizer. Windrow compost turning machine completes the pretreatment of organic fertilizer production equipment. The organic matter fermented can be processed as raw material for commercial organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer particles processed are high quality products.