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Ukrainian Customer NPK Compound Fertilizer Equipment Manufacturer Inspection Site

Our Ukrainian customer inspection site of npk compound fertilizer equipment manufacturer on Dec.10th,2018 in Tianci heavy industry factory.firstly, our marketing manager introduce the whole set of npk compound fertilizer production line project, and we provide the detailed advice and explanation from fertilizer factory location site, production line planning and design according to the scale and capacity of clients' fertilizer processing plant, and we also promise that we provide a series of installation guidence and after-sales service. 
Our Ukrainian customer carefully visit the automatic batching system, half-wet material crusher, rotary drum granulator, fertilizer drying and cooling machine,and automatic packing machine, they give high evaluation for all equipment in the npk compound fertilizer produciton line. all our organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer production equipment are all made of stainless steel with long service life, high efficiency, low consumption and easy maintenance can largely reduce the cost. from this visting in tianci factory, we gain the trust and establish the good cooperation. 
We provide many successful cases for our clients in home and abroad with many years production and service experience, such as:
China Leading Bio -Organic Fertilizer Equipment Manufacturing plant
80,000 tons npk compound fertilizer produciton line annual output 
nissan 200 tons compound fertilizer combination granulation production line


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