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15t/h sulfur-coated urea fertilizer production process and analysis


Advantages of sulphur-coated urea fertilizer

Sulfur coated urea, also known as sulfur coated urea, sulfur coated urea, controlled-release urea, is a new type of slow-release fertilizer. Similar to NPK granular fertilizer processed by rotary drum granulator, the product has the function of slow release and controlling fertilizer effect. According to different growth stages of crops, releasing nutrients according to nutrient requirements can reduce nutrient loss, improve fertilizer utilization, save resources and protect the environment. This product is not only an ecological and green agricultural product, but also a new type of product to replace common urea in the future.
1. The empty shell of sulfur fertilizer can store water. Through the soil, it can drive away the sterilization. Sulfur fertilizer and its compounds have been successfully applied to the improvement of saline alkali soil.
2. The product can not only supply sulfur to the soil, improve the yield of crops, but also improve the quality of crops to a certain extent.
3. Applying sulphur urea once can meet the needs of each growth stage of crops, which can greatly reduce the input of labor force.

A large number of studies show that most of the effective components of conventional chemical fertilizer are lost due to the volatilization and decomposition of drenching culture, resulting in less than 50% absorption by crops, that is, the utilization rate of conventional chemical fertilizer is less than 50%. Therefore, improving the utilization rate of fertilizer is the main content of fertilizer industry research. China's research shows that more than 10 million tons of nitrogen are lost out of the world every year due to unreasonable fertilization, with a direct economic loss of over 10 billion yuan. The economic loss caused by the pollution caused by the loss of drainage to the people's health and the quality of agricultural products is incalculable, with an upward trend in recent years.

Production process of sulfur-coated urea fertilizer

Sulfur-coated urea is coated with sulfur uniformly on the outside of ordinary urea, and then coated with a small amount of sealant and conditioner containing trace elements on the surface of sulfur. After this product is scattered in the farmland, urea nutrients are slowly released through the sulfur shell for crop absorption and utilization, which plays a role in prolonging fertilizer utilization. Chinese Tianci factory has specially designed a fertilizer production line with an output of 15t/h to process this fertilizer, so that urea can achieve the required fertilizer efficiency.
15t/h sulfur-coated urea fertilizer production process

For general agricultural producers, in order to increase crop yields, the amount of fertilization must be increased accordingly, but when the fertilization reaches a high enough, and resources and the environment does not allow, it should seek to reduce the amount of fertilizer, through the use of new fertilizers. The new fertilizer formula can fully achieve the purpose of increasing production. The compound fertilizer granules and sulfur-coated urea fertilizer made by NPK fertilizer granulator are welcomed by the market.