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Difference between organic fertilizer production line and NPK inorganic fertilizer production line

The main equipments used in organic fertilizer production line processing are livestock manure treatment system, semi wet material grinder, fertilizer granulator, drying system, packaging machine, etc. Compared with NPK fertilizer granulation production process, the treatment process of organic fertilizer equipment is slightly more complex. The main influencing factors of fermentation part include microorganism, carbon nitrogen ratio, moisture, pH value, aeration control, etc. Because one of the factors not well controlled will affect the fermentation effect, so the characteristics of organic raw materials are light, rough and low bonding rate.

The granulation part of compound fertilizer production line is different from that of organic fertilizer production line. Because organic materials and inorganic materials are different, the use of inorganic fertilizers is based on chemical reactions, which plays a great role in the promotion of crops in a short period of time. However, it has been forgotten for a long time that it will cause certain harm to soil elements and plant growth environment. The raw materials used for organic fertilizer are agricultural wastes, such as straw and domestic garbage, which are harmful to the environment Sustainable development has played a certain role.
organic fertilizer production line and NPK inorganic fertilizer production line

Organic fertilizer production equipment has been gradually developed in recent years, which will be widely used in green food, vegetable planting and municipal greening. Although the production process of organic fertilizer equipment is complex, its production cost and risk are relatively small, and the selection of raw materials is very wide. As for the difference between organic fertilizer equipment and inorganic fertilizer equipment, it is suggested that the selection of equipment should be based on the factors such as annual output, fermentation mode, selection of NPK fertilizer granulator and mechanization degree.