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Automatic production process of organic fertilizer equipment

With the increasing concern of environmental protection, organic fertilizer production line has gradually entered the ranks of hot market. The process is characterized by large production capacity, high degree of automation, high product quality, and can produce a variety of fertilizers. With the development of the environmental protection industry, various countries have increased environmental governance, especially in waste treatment. Perfection. The following describes the automated production process of organic fertilizer equipment.

The processing of organic fertilizer production line for human operation has gradually reduced, more tend to automatic operation, this production and processing method is not only conducive to management, more importantly, the quality of production and processing is controllable.
Automatic production process of organic fertilizer equipment

The automatic production process of organic fertilizer equipment consists of batching device, feeding device and control system into an automatic processing system. In the process of compound fertilizer production and processing, the production equipment sends out signals, and after the signal is converted and amplified, the production equipment is controlled to make corresponding adjustment, until the specified production requirements are met, the processing will automatically stop. The rotary drum granulator can produce the specified granular fertilizer according to the set speed.