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Learn these 8 methods, the bio-fertilizer effect won’t bad!

Bio-fertilizer is based on organic matter, mixed with bacteria and inorganic fertilizer. It can enhance soil activity and fertilizer efficiency, improve crop yield and quality, and promote the development of modern ecological agriculture without pollution, and reduce environmental pollution.
In order to improve the utilization rate of bio-fertilizer, the following eight aspects are mainly used.
In order to improve the utilization rate of bio-fertilizer, the following eight aspects are mainly used.
1. Comprehensive understanding of the basic information of biological fertilizers, such as date of production, shelf life, usage, method of use, etc.If it is not for the present purchase, then store it according to the instructions, and avoid light, ventilation and dryness.
2. Understand the main role of microorganisms in bio-fertilizers and apply to crops.Such as the rhizobium fertilizer is suitable for leguminous crops, as the inoculant of the nodule and nitrogen fixation;Phospho-bacterial fertilizer can convert refractory phosphorus into effective phosphorus and inorganic phosphorus.
3. Master the application time and application techniques.It can be summarized in the three words "early, close and uniform", that is, the application time should be early, and used as base fertilizer, seed fertilizer and seed bed fertilizer.The distance between fertilization and crop roots is close.Seed and seed bed fertilizer should mix completely.
4. Apply with organic fertilizer at the same time.Two kinds of fertilizer mix use, can raise fertilizer effect.
5.Immediately covered with soil after fertilization, to prevent kill microorganisms by direct sunshine, and reduce the utilization rate of bio-fertilizer.
6.It is not suitable to mix with fertilizers and fungicides. It will inhibit the growth of microorganisms in bio-fertilizers and even kill microorganisms, thus affecting the efficiency.
7. Prevent mixing with unferment farm manure, because the manure will kill the bacteria directly when ferment raise the temperature.
8. Different kinds of bio- fertilizer should not be mixed use.At present, there are many kinds of bacteria in bio-fertilizer in the market, its active bacteria are different, it is not clear that whether they are against each other or not, it may reduce the fertilizer effect if against.
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