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The significance of granulator for fertilizer production

Fertilizer granulation equipment is a molding machine that can make organic fertilizer into a specific shape and is one of the key equipments in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process. It can be used for large-scale production of hot granulation, cold granulation and various concentrations of organic fertilizers, and it can also be classified into many categories, such as: drum granulator, tooth granulator, disc granulator, pair Roll squeezing granulators, etc., and can take different granulation equipment for different materials.


The fertilizer granules produced by the granulation equipment have a rounded appearance, a high sphericity rate, uniform composition and good appearance.

The emergence of fertilizer granulator machine makes the production and processing procedures of fertilizers more convenient, and the organic fertilizer produced is also easier to package and store.
Today's manufacturing companies, enterprises are paying more and more attention to the application of high-efficiency granulators. More large-scale formal organic fertilizer plants and concentrating plants have also been supported by the state, which also proposed for our organic fertilizer production equipment manufacturing industry with higher requirement. For high performance, the performance of organic fertilizer equipment is good, the efficiency is high, and the energy-saving and environment-friendly equipment with stable operation is more urgent.

The organic fertilizer granulation equipment meets the needs of customers through its diversified functions. At the same time, the automation control also effectively improves the efficiency. In the current era of rapid development, the performance of organic fertilizer granulation equipment is enhanced. The combination of automation and manual control, cutting-edge development, saving production time, enhancing work efficiency, and adapting to the development of various fertilizers.

The automation, large-scale, and high-efficiency energy production of the organic fertilizer production line of the organic fertilizer granulator will gradually become the development direction of the entire large-scale organic fertilizer processing and manufacturing industry. We must work hard toward the common goal, let the organic fertilizer granulator become the mainstream of agricultural production machinery and guide the ecological agriculture cycle.