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What are the advantages of the half-wet material crusher?

 The half-wet material crusher is suitable for the crushing of the blocks after fermentation in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, and is one of the indispensable pulverizing equipments in the organic fertilizer production line. At the same time, it is also widely used in chemical industry, building materials, mining and other industries. The crusher equipment adopts high-strength and anti-cracking hard alloy chain plate with synchronous speed in the crushing process. The feed port and the discharge port are designed reasonably, and the crushed materials are even, difficulty to stick to the wall and easy cleaning.

The half-wet material crusher is a single rotor. The main working part is a rotor with a steel chain. One end of the chain is connected to the rotor, and the other end of the chain is provided with a ring-shaped chain made of wear-resistant steel. The organic fertilizer pulverizer is an impact crusher that pulverizes the impact of the block by a chain that rotates at a high speed.

The semi-wet material pulverizer has always adhered to the efficient development of technology and quality, continuously improved the technical level of the pulverizer, and promoted the market value of the whole equipment industry. The key to the good effect of the semi-wet material pulverizer is the quality of the hammer. The hammer head directly contacts and hits the material, which is the most vulnerable to wear and tear. Therefore, choosing a good quality semi-wet material pulverizer hammer is of great significance for its long-term use. The semi-wet material pulverizer uses a titanium-tungsten alloy hammer. The production process is based on the production of high manganese steel hammerhead to carry out mosaic casting improvement, greatly improving the toughness and impact resistance of the high manganese steel hammer.

The semi-wet material pulverizer plays an important role in shortening the technological process of organic fertilizer manufacturing process and compost production, reducing equipment investment and saving operating cost. This machine is the ideal machine for fertilizer production and processing units.