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Reasons for investing in organic fertilizer production equipment for flat die granulator

 The organic fertilizer is stable and long-lasting, and the nutrients are complete, which promotes crop yield increase and income increase. Organic fertilizer is rich in organic matter, which is an important source of soil humus. Humus can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure and improve soil fertility to improve soil. While the application of chemical fertilizers increases crop yields, it is also prone to problems such as soil compaction, environmental pollution, and deterioration of agricultural products. Organic fertilizers are favored by more and more people.

The flat die granulator is important fertilizer equipment for the organic fertilizer manufacturing process. The machine has been improved in the production process, and it is not necessary to dry and pulverize the raw materials before granulation, saving a lot of energy. The flat die granulator is mainly suitable for coarse fiber granulation, such as corn stalks, rice husks, weeds and other crop straws, which will make the bonding rate low, difficult to form materials briquettes, rods, low temperature granulation.

The organic fertilizer flat die granulator is used for granulation of various organic substances after fermentation, and the finished particles are cylindrical. The organic matter after fermentation does not need to be dried, and the moisture of the raw material may be between 20% and 40%. The flat die granulator can also be used for granulation of conventional organic fertilizer production line (flat-die granulator production line), and the quality of finished fertilizer after processing of organic fertilizer production line is high.

Flat die granulator equipment advantages
1. Project investment province, short equipment flow, small footprint, fast installation, flexible installation, simple operation, low energy consumption, high power efficiency and high output, low temperature extrusion granule process below 60 degrees Celsius: one-time extrusion granulation molding rate is over 90%, no returning material and no screening. As long as the water content of the raw material formula is appropriate, there is generally no need for drying equipment. (If the extruded pellets need to accelerate natural cooling, a cooler can be added) to measure the package.

2, the equipment structure is compact, the quality is stable, adapt to 24 hours of continuous work. The flat die and the roller adopt the latest thread gap adjusting device, which can reduce the excessive wear of the flat die and the roller. Compared with the traditional gasket method, the service life of the flat die and the roller is increased by about 30%, which is favored by the majority of users.

3. The organic content can be as high as 100% to achieve pure organic granulation.

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