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Applying organic fertilizer to fruit trees is an important basis for achieving bumper crop

The requirement of applying basic fertilizer to fruit trees is mainly organic fertilizer, supplemented by chemical fertilizer. But a lot of people simply apply fertilizer. In fact, there are many side effects of applying chemical fertilizer, so organic fertilizer is generally advocated for basic fertilizer. However, if the application of organic fertilizer is not scientific, there will still be many problems. For example, the application of immature organic fertilizer directly will lead to a series of problems in fruit trees.

And the fertilizer products processed by the organic fertilizer production line can achieve the goal of high-yield fruit trees. The advantages of organic fertilizer are mainly reflected in the following three points:
Applying organic fertilizer to fruit trees

1. Organic fertilizer contains a lot of nutrients. In addition to the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, it also contains a lot of medium and micro nutrients, which can better meet the needs of fruit trees for a variety of mineral nutrients. The fertilizer granulator can not only combine various nutrients evenly, but also release the fertilizer effect slowly.

2. The application of organic fertilizer is conducive to the formation and maintenance of soil aggregate structure, which can improve soil fertility and water storage capacity, and organic matter can significantly increase the buffer capacity of the soil, which is conducive to the sufficient and balanced supply of various mineral nutrients.

3. Organic matter is an indispensable energy source for soil microorganisms, which is conducive to the reproduction and activity of soil microorganisms, the decomposition and transformation of organic matter, and the enhancement of soil fertility.

There are many kinds of organic fertilizer, mainly including manure, cake fertilizer, soil fertilizer, ash fertilizer, fumigation fertilizer, compost, retting green fertilizer, marine fertilizer, mine fertilizer, industrial waste, etc. We provide NPK fertilizer granulator to realize granulation of different kinds of fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer not only has a good effect on fruit trees and orchard soil, but also has the advantages of wide source, large quantity and long fertilizer effect. Because of the above advantages of organic fertilizer, the application of organic fertilizer to fruit trees is an important basis for achieving strong trees and high yield.