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Effect of applying BB fertilizer on peanut and BB fertilizer production costs

BB fertilizer is a special fertilizer made by simple BB fertilizer production equipment, which adjusts the proportion of blended basic fertilizer according to local soil conditions and crop requirements for nutrients. BB fertilizer formula adjustment is flexible, is a more convenient processing and easy to promote fertilizer.

Effect of applying BB fertilizer on peanut
BB fertilizer has a high utilization rate and a significant effect on crop yield. Taking a common crop of peanuts as an example, peanut with BB fertilizer emerged quickly and neatly, flowered earlier, grew steadily throughout its growth period, did not premature senescence in the later period, and had less disease. The application of special BB fertilizer in peanut can obviously improve the appearance of peanut, increase the number of effective branches, increase the number of saturated fruits, reduce the number of blighted fruits, and increase the yield of peanut.

BB fertilizer production process
BB fertilizer is a formulated fertilizer, which is based on the law of crop fertilizer demand, the law of soil fertilizer supply and the principle of scientific fertilization. Two or more high -quality fertilizers with similar grain size, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, are evenly blended by mechanical mixing. BB fertilizer production process is very simple, does not need too much equipment investment and maintenance costs, production process pollution-free and excessive energy consumption, is a common equipment for small and medium-sized fertilizer enterprises. The basic BB fertilizer production equipment includes batching system, BB fertilizer blender, belt conveyor, packing machine. BB fertilizer blender is the core equipment of BB fertilizer production and processing. Its production capacity can reach 10,000 kg per day. BB fertilizer blender using lifting tank feeding and mixer to load materials, almost zero waste of materials.