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The Function of Fertilizer Granulator in Crop Planting Production

In the process of agricultural cultivation, the soil fertility level is very important to the yield and quality of crops. The inherent fertility of the soil needs a long period of rest to recover. It can not support the intensive planting and frequent rotation of crops. In order to improve the utilization rate of farmland and obtain more benefits with less time, it is necessary to rely on the power of fertilizer to improve the yield and quality of crops. Fertilizer granulator is a fertilizer equipment developed for the effect of soil fertility. Fertilizer granulator plays a key role in fertilizer production and is the key to improve the quality of farmland.

Soil fertility, water supply, duration and intensity of sunlight exposure, and temperature are all very important factors in crop production. Among them, soil fertility is an important basic factor to support crop rooting, germination, growth and development, flowering and fruiting. The scientific level of fertility supply greatly affects the quality and yield of crops, while the processing technology of fertilizer granulator and other equipment is the key to determine the level of fertility supply. Fertilizer granulator makes organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer into granular form. Granular fertilizer greatly improves the performance of fertilizer, slowly releases fertilizer efficiency in soil, prolongs the action time of fertilizer and improves the utilization rate of fertilizer. At the same time, the processing of fertilizer granulator is also conducive to the long-term storage and transportation of fertilizers, and is convenient for use in agricultural production.

Types of fertilizer granulator
fertilizer granulator
There are many kinds of fertilizers. Different kinds of fertilizer granulators can be used for different raw materials. Disc granulator, drum granulator can be used for granulation of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, flat die granulator and ring die granulator can be used for granulation of organic fertilizer with more fibers such as straw, roller press granulator can be used for extrusion granulation of various NPK fertilizers, and new type organic fertilizer granulator is specially used for granulation of organic fertilizer with good shape and high strength.