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How to Use Fertilizer Manufacturing Equipment to Make Sheep Manure into Organic Fertilizer

Sheep manure can be made into a kind of slightly alkaline fertilizer. Sheep manure has a lot of organic matter and fast fertilizer efficiency, which is suitable for various soils. Sheep manure is mixed with crushed straw and sawdust, and then fed into fermentation tank for composting fermentation. After oxygen consumption fermentation, sheep manure can become an efficient organic fertilizer. Sheep manure manufactured by fertilizer manufacturing equipment has a high degree of harmlessness, which can improve soil, increase production and income. The fertilizer production equipment processing sheep manure organic fertilizer plays an important role in promoting agricultural ecological development.

Sheep manure fermented organic fertilizer
Sheep manure was used as the main raw material to mix it with straw, sawdust and mushroom residue in proper proportion. At the same time, fermentation agent could be added to accelerate the fermentation speed and improve the fermentation quality. All raw materials are stirred evenly and then put into fermentation tank for stacking fermentation. In the process of fermentation, attention should be paid to the moisture and temperature of compost. The moisture content of compost is about 60%. Excessive or low moisture content of compost is not conducive to fermentation. At the same time, we use the mechanical fertilizer manufacturing equipment - compost turner to mix materials, ventilate the compost, increase the oxygen content of the material, and make it carry out aerobic fermentation. Especially when the composting temperature is above 70℃, the material should be turned by the compost turner immediately.
sheep manure organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment

Fertilizer manufacturing equipment to process sheep manure
Rapid fermentation of sheep manure and agricultural waste by using bio-fermentation technology can quickly achieve harmless effect. The treatment of fertilizer manufacturing equipment is simple, and only simple processes can realize high value output, such as crushing, granulation, drying and cooling, screening. The main fertilizer manufacturing equipment includes organic fertilizer crusher, mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, drum dryer, cooler, drum screener, packing machine. Sheep manure organic fertilizer produced by fermentation with fertilizer manufacturing equipment has high harmlessness and balanced nutrition.