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Double roller press granulator is a compound fertilizer granulator with market demand

Double roller extrusion granulator is an upgraded granulation equipment that Tianci enterprise has carried out innovation and reform in fertilizer granulator machine according to market demand. The roller press granulator adopts dry extrusion technology, mainly by external pressurization, to force the material through the gap between two rollers rotating on the opposite side to compress into a sheet. The actual density of the material can be increased by 1.5-3 times, so as to reach a certain strength standard. It is especially suitable for the occasion of increasing the product stacking proportion. The operation flexibility is large, the application range is wide, and the size of the squeezing force can be adjusted by hydraulic pressure. The equipment has not only a scientific and reasonable structure, but also a small investment, fast finished products, and good economic benefits.

Applicable raw materials of NPK fertilizer production line:

1. Nitrogen fertilizers: ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, urea, calcium nitrate, etc.
2. Potassium fertilizers: potassium sulfate, plant ash, etc.
3. Phosphate fertilizer: Superphosphate, heavy superphosphate, calcium magnesium phosphate, phosphate rock powder, etc.

Strength and type of particles

1. Balling rate: 95%.
2. Unit crushing strength: 10-25n.
3. Material moisture requirement: no more than 8%.
4. Output: 1-4t / h (output can be increased by combined operation of multiple roller press granulators).
5. Particle size: 3-8mm, and the diameter of the popular particle in the market is 2.8-4mm.
Double roller press granulator

Features of double roller press granulator:

1) Power output: the motor reducer is guaranteed for one year. The motor is driven by the belt connection. The power output is stable. The extrusion force is balanced while protecting the motor. The particle forming effect is good and the unit strength is stable.

2) Factory debugging and trial run: before each machine leaves the factory, the professional technical workers will carry out trial run and trial production, and deliver the machine after reaching the design index.

3) The structure is simple and easy to use: the ball and socket alignment adjustment design is simple and convenient for customers to operate and adjust by themselves. We provide adjustment drawings and operation steps.

4) Double roller extrusion granulator is a new type of granulator, which not only saves energy and reduces consumption, but also does not need fuel oil, gas and other drying measures compared with other methods. The new type of roll extrusion pelletizing equipment does not need additional adhesive.

5) The raw material composition of the granulation equipment is flexible and the raw material is relatively wide. Moreover, the fertilizer manufacturing process can flexibly change the product formula in a very short time. A set of device can produce dozens of formula products.

6) The equipment not only has scientific and reasonable structure and advanced technology, but also has less investment, fast finished products and good economic benefits.