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Tips for buying fertilizer production equipment belt conveyor

In the material conveying process of NPK fertilizer manufacturing process, the belt conveyor plays a transitional role, which is also an important auxiliary equipment in the organic fertilizer production line. How to choose belt conveyor correctly? The following two practical skills are given to you by the large fertilizer equipment manufacturer:

Firstly, the belt speed of belt conveyor should be selected correctly. For a longer horizontal conveyor, a higher belt speed should be selected; the greater the conveyor inclination angle and the shorter the conveying distance, the lower the belt speed should be.
fertilizer production equipment belt conveyor

Second, it is necessary to clarify factors such as the industry targeted by the belt conveyor, the material of the conveyor belt, and the technical parameters of the bandwidth. According to the characteristics of the particles processed by the rotary drum granulator, select the appropriate conveyor belt. For example, the rubber belt is suitable for working environment temperature between -15~40°C, and the material temperature does not exceed 50°C; plastic belt has the advantages of oil, acid, alkali resistance, etc., but it has poor climate adaptability and is easy to slip and age.