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What kind of mechanical equipment is included in the organic fertilizer production process?

The organic fertilizer production process is not single mechanical equipment; it is a relatively large concept. The production of organic fertilizers can be done without a mechanical device. It needs to be produced through multiple processes and multiple processes. The following small series will simply list the production machinery and equipment of the more common organic fertilizer production equipment.

Equipment 1: compost tuning machine
The ground turning machine does not need to build a trough, and directly piles the materials into a pile, and adopts a wheeled turner to ride the straddle to carry out the pile fermentation.

Equipment 2: Forklift
The forklift moves the fermented organic fertilizer to the semi-finished product storage area, which is convenient for handling the fermented organic fertilizer by the turn-over machine every day.

Equipment 3: drum screening machine
The drum sieving machine divides the fermented organic fertilizer into sieves, and separates the large and foreign fibers in the inside to facilitate the pulverization and granulation packaging of the next semi-wet material.

Equipment 4: Crusher
The pulverizer separates the large pieces of impurities and stones from the screened organic fertilizer and pulverizes them, so that the quality of the products can be ensured.

Equipment 5: Horizontal mixer machine
The horizontal mixing mixer premixes the sieved and pulverized organic fertilizer to ensure the stability of the product quality, and at the same time, it plays a role in mixing fertilizers and trace elements when producing special fertilizers and various compound fertilizers.

Equipment 6: fertilizer granulator machine
The granulator machine granulates the powdered fertilizer.

Equipment 7: dryer, cooler
The dryer and the cooler can dry and cool the pellets.

Equipment 8: packaging machine
The packaging machine will pack the organic fertilizer granules.

The common equipment for producing organic fertilizer is basically the above, but it is not comprehensive. After all, the production of organic fertilizer is not a simple process, and a variety of equipments will be used in the fertilizer manufacturing process. Our company is a leading fertilizer machine manufacturer in China, the above equipment can provide, can also help customers design the entire production line, welcome to consult.