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Selection conditions of heat source for organic fertilizer production process

The organic fertilizer production process equipment dryer is mainly used for drying organic fertilizers in the production line. In the fertilizer processing, the dryer uses the dryer and the hot air furnace for heat cycle heat exchange, which can quickly realize the material drying, drying and cooling, and coating, and can directly package the organic fertilizer. The dryer can not only remove the moisture in the organic fertilizer, but also sterilize and deodorize, and avoid the deterioration and deterioration of the organic fertilizer during storage and transportation. This is also one of the important process steps in the organic fertilizer production process.


1. Safety, there will be some dust and some organic fertilizer raw materials in the process of organic fertilizer processing. After the organic fertilizer is decomposed, some of the retentate will be flammable, explosive and easy to oxidize. Therefore, safety should be considered when selecting the heat source. There are measures to be flame retardant or explosion proof when using a direct source of direct combustion.

2. Stability, ensure the drying quality of the organic fertilizer dryer, and then make the analysis of the heating temperature and purity of the dryer heat source to ensure the heat source is easy to meet the quality of the dried material and the material after drying, as to achieve the stability of the operation of the organic fertilizer dryer.

3. Environmentally friendly, reducing environmental expenditures during the processing of organic fertilizers. When incinerating materials, irritating odors will occur and toxic gases polluting the environment will be emitted. In order to reduce emissions, it is necessary to increase the input of dust removal equipment. Therefore, environmentally friendly heat sources are also inputs for reducing environmental protection equipment.

4. Easy to collect, need to consider the convenience of the source. In order to reduce the cost of the heat source, the heat source used is messy, which is easy to cause damage to the dryer equipment and drying stability of the heat source.

5. Organic fertilizer production equipment dryer in the fertilizer manufacturing process affects the use of heat sources. Therefore, when choosing a heat source, it is necessary to select a suitable heat source to avoid unnecessary waste, and at the same time, not blindly frugal.

It can be seen from the above aspects that the drying process of the organic fertilizer production equipment dryer should consider the safety, drying cleanliness, drying stability, environmental protection and different quality of raw materials and finished products in the selection of heat source. As long as you can fully consider the above conditions, you can choose the right organic fertilizer dryer heat source, so you can achieve environmental protection from the heat source, save raw materials, reduce expenses, improve the drying effect of organic fertilizer, improve the quality of products.