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Fermentation process and equipment of farm manure compost

The moisture content of chicken and duck manure is 80%, the moisture content of straw is 10%, and the moisture content of chicken and duck manure can be reduced to 30% after composting. Adjust the initial material moisture to about 60%. It can be calculated that the amount of backfill is 33% of chicken and duck manure, and the ratio of pig manure and auxiliary material is 3:1. Straw, corn stalk, peanut stalk and other organic materials can be used as auxiliary materials according to local conditions. The composting and fermentation of chicken and duck manure mainly uses the technology of combining biological action to effectively treat chicken and duck manure. The commonly used technology is aerobic fermentation. 
With aerobic fermentation, the composting of chicken and duck dung rises quickly, the fermentation temperature is high, and the maturation cycle is short. Due to its high fermentation temperature, it can effectively treat worm eggs, germs, plant seeds, etc. in pig manure. Under effective mechanical stirring, its drying effect is also very significant. At present, in the industrial biofertilizer project, the commonly used compost fermentation processes mainly include stacking compost fermentation process and trough aerobic fermentation process.
compost fermentation project

Compost Turner Machine

The organic fertilizer tank type turner machine needs to directly put the materials into the tank. The turner width is equal to the equipment's turner width, the height is as high as possible, and the length is as long as possible, such as 50m, 100m, etc. the ground should be flat, and the cement and land can be used. For every 10000 tons of production, 5-6 mu of land is required, and the land area of the trough turning machine will be relatively small. The color of mature rotten chicken and duck feces is brown, basically without odor, the material temperature is close to the temperature, and the degree of looseness is good; the second is the chemical index, i.e. the water content is below 30%, the total nutrient, organic matter content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (based on the actual quality of chicken and duck feces), pH 7.5-8.0, fecal coliform number ≤ 100 / g, and the mortality rate of parasite eggs is 95% - 100%. All of the above indexes belong to fermentation perfection.

Stacking windrow turner is suitable for places with small output, large requirements for fermentation site and relatively weak requirements for environmental protection.  The relative output of the windrow turner is smaller. If the output is large or the site is small, it is a reasonable choice to choose an organic fertilizer trough compost turner.

With the improvement of the standard of organic fertilizer processing enterprises, the optimization of pig manure production line and fertilizer manufacturing process and the development of the industry. As long as the requirements of organic fertilizer fermentation process, time, equipment and other technological requirements are followed and strictly implemented, good profits can be obtained.