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Process requirements and equipment for pig manure fermentation

In order to promote the development of biofertilizer project and the normal production and processing of pig manure organic fertilizer, the following points should be done in the process of fermenting pig manure organic fertilizer production line.

1. Guarantee of fermentation time

It has been proved for a long time that the fermentation process is an important stage of harmless and organic fertilizer quality in the process of organic fertilizer processing, and the fermentation time is one of the considerations. In order to pursue work efficiency, people often do not operate strictly according to fermentation standards. After many years of experiments, in the fermentation process, the first harmless treatment needs about half a month according to various conditions, and then the second aging needs more than half a month, which is reasonably adjusted according to the environmental conditions. Promote the propagation of beneficial bacteria and further increase of organic matter. In order to reduce the fermentation time, most of the organic fertilizer processing enterprises carry out subsequent processing after harmless treatment. As a result, the processed organic fertilizer did not meet the requirements of nutrient elements. In fact, in practice, the fermentation time is only relatively long for the initial processing, and does not affect the continuous operation after normalization. Therefore, it is suggested that the manufacturer should strictly abide by the time guarantee required by the process specification.

2. Optimization of fermentation process

The fermentation process is the result of long time experiment accumulation and data comparison and analysis. Especially the aging process is very important for improving the quality of organic fertilizer. It is as important as the initial stage of harmless disposal. Therefore, in the early stage of harmless treatment, no matter the tank type aerobic fermentation, the stacking type aerobic fermentation or the tank type fermentation, the secondary aging is also indispensable.

3. Other notes on fermentation process

For powdered organic fertilizer, it can be packaged after fermentation, crushing and screening. However, for different raw materials, different proportion of different fermentation raw materials should be strictly followed, which is similar to that of NPK fertilizer production line. Because different raw materials and different ingredients are needed to promote the content of organic matter and trace elements in organic fertilizer.
biofertilizer project

4. Organic fertilizer fermentation compost turner machine

The common fermentation composting machines are trough type turner, chain plate turner and strip stack wheel turner. The different forms of existence are that the trough type turner is the type of traveling crane, and the strip type tripper is the four-wheel type. The composting machine should be selected according to the output.