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Fertilizer common sense(one)

Q:Urea can be mixed with a variety of pesticides to spray,is it correct?
A:Yes,The water solution of urea is neutral and stable, and can be used in combination with chemical weeding, potion and other fertilizers,and the effect will better.

Q:Microbial pesticides can be used in combination with chemical fertilizers,is it correct?
A:No,Because biological pesticides are living bacteria, and chemical fertilizers are volatile and corrosive, these bacteria can be inactivated.For example, chemical fertilizers mixed with microbial pesticides such as Bacillus cereus and insecticidal bacteria,it will kill microorganism and reduce the effect.

Q:How is fertilizer made into particles?
A:fertilizer made into particles by Fertilizer Granulator Machine.Our main fertilizer granulation production line are Granulating Production Line,NPK Fertilizer Production Line,Organic Fertilizer Production Line and BB Fertilizer Production Line.

NPK Fertilizer Production Line

Q:human excrement can mix with ferrous sulfate, is it correct?
A:Yes,In human urine manure, ferrous sulfate can be used to transform the volatile ammonium carbonate in human excretion into a solid ammonium sulfate, which can help to deodorize the manure and avoid the loss of nitrogen volatilization.

Q:Plant ash can be mixed with manure and compost, is it correct?
A:No.Plant ash is commonly used as potash fertilizer, which is alkaline. If it is mixed with manure and compost, it can accelerate nitrogen gas volatilization and loss of ammonia, so it is not suitable for application.

Q:Manure and compost can be mixed with calcium superphosphate or calcium magnesium phosphate, is it correct?
Answer: correct
Calcium superphosphate and calcium-magnesia phosphate fertilizer mixed with manure, compost, wet compost applied after composting , it can reduce the phosphorus fertilizer and soil contact surface, avoid phosphate ions is fixed in soil, and organic fertilizer will be decomposed to generate a variety of organic acids, It releases the phosphine which is fixed by earth for Crop absorption,the fertilizer efficiency can be increased by 1/3.

Q.:What’s the best suitable conditions for the application of sparingly soluble phosphorus fertilizers.
Answer: Base fertilizer, acid soil.Because its slightly solubility,Insoluble fertilizer will work in the soil after a period of time,so it should be used as foundation fertilizer.Insoluble fertilizer can be used to promote dissolution in acidic soils.