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Purpose of increasing human waste fertilizer efficiency

一,Methods of increasing human waste fertilizer efficiency
1.Add fine dry soil and turf, strong adsorption of substances in human waste, human waste with high nutrient content, fast decomposition,fast efficiency, but easy to drain, if add dry soil and turf, strong adsorption capacity of material into the septic tank as cover or mix with waste, to absorb urine and ammonia. It can greatly reduce the nitrogen loss. According to the experiment, adding 25% fine dry soil to human waste, it can reduce 10% nitrogen loss.
2.Add superphosphate to human excrement.Adding 3% to 5% of superphosphate in human waste can not only reduce the nitrogen loss, but also increase the phosphorus and other nutrients in human waste.
3.Add ferrous sulphate to the human waste.Every 50 kg of human waste is added to 250-300 grams of ferrous sulfate, which can protect nitrogen and smelly.
4.Adding gypsum powder in human waste. Every 50 kilograms of human waste is added 5 kg gypsum powder and 25 kg of water, mixing evenly, sealing for 10 days
5.Add soya bean powder to fresh cow dung. Every 50 kilograms of fresh cow dung added 50 grams of soybean powder, then put into the cylinder and stir evenly, At 25 ℃ temperature sealing 3 to 5 days, and 3 times as much water when applied.
6.Add superphosphate to the barnyard manure.Add 2% of the superphosphate in the barnyard manure for mixing,then store it for about 20 days, Its fertilizer efficiency can be increased by more than 1 times

二,Human waste fertilizer is made into organic fertilizer by a Fertilizer Granulator Machine
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