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Ring die granulator is the best choice for treating plant ash

A biomass power plant produces a large amount of plant ash every year. If these plant ash is not used scientifically, it will not only waste resources, but also pollute the environment. Biomass power plants can recover a large amount of crop straw, reduce the pollution caused by incineration, and provide electricity. However, the plant ash produced in the process of power plant treatment must be reasonably solved, so as to promote the maximization of resources and ecological level. The use of the ring die granulator to make plant ash into granular fertilizer is a reasonable way to return high and no pollution.

Selection of Plant Ash Granulation-Ring Die Granulator
The main components of plant ash are potassium carbonate. It also contains calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, iron and other elements. Because plant ash is a loose material, we need to make it into granules when we use it in farmland, otherwise it will cause air pollution when it is sprayed. The mineral content in plant ash is relatively high, so the granulating equipment we use should have better wear resistance, so as to make the equipment run stably. Ring die granulator meets the needs of plant ash granulation. It is a fertilizer granulator that can be continuously produced and has good quality of granule molding. Ring die granulator is the best choice for ash granulation.
ring die granulator

The moisture content of the plant ash granule fertilizer prepared by the ring die granulator is high, the granulator has a high production capacity per unit time, and the ash ash has a strong extrusion capacity. Ring die granulator can work continuously, the forming process is simple, the degree of material crushing is moderate, and the equipment price of ring die granulator is lower than other fertilizer granulator, which is the best choice for the production of plant ash fertilizer. Ring die granulator is used in the organic fertilizer production line to produce various biomass fertilizers.